Sat 14/04/20182:30pmFriendly A V BH4 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 15/04/20182:30pmFriendlyClub MixedH4 Mixed FoursWhites
Thu 19/04/20182:30pmFriendlyKeynshamA Ladies TriplesWhites
Sat 21/04/20182:30pmFriendlyKnowleH4 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 22/04/20182:30pmBring a Friend DayInternalH5 Mixed FoursGreys
Fri 27/04/20182:30pmFriendlyFrome SelwoodH4 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 28/04/201810:30amFriendlyPurnell3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Sat 28/04/20182:30pmFriendlyCastle CaryA4 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 29/04/20182:30pmFriendlyGillinghamA4 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 01/05/20182:30pmWild LeagueStreetA3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 02/05/20182:30pmFriendlyMereA4 Mixed TriplesWhites
Fri 04/05/20182:30pmFriendlyFrome SelwoodH4 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 05/05/20182:30pmFriendlyPurnellA4 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 06/05/20182:30pmFriendlyPrattensH4 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 08/05/20182:30pmWild LeagueWyrall ParkA3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 09/05/20186:30pmFriendlyTrowbridge TownA4 Mixed TriplesGreys
Fri 11/05/20182:30pmFriendlyShaftesburyA4 Mixed TriplesWhites
Sat 12/05/20182:30pmSomerset County League A TeamKnowle AH3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 12/05/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamBloomfield CA3 Mens FoursWhites
Tue 15/05/20182:30pmWild LeaguePurnellH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Thu 17/05/20182:30pmFriendlyYeovilA4 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 19/05/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamPurnell CA3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 19/05/20182:30pmSomerset County League A TeamImperialA3 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 20/05/20182:30pmFriendlyBroughton GiffordA4 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 22/05/20182:30pmWild LeaguePrattens3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 23/05/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueCity of WellsA4 Mens FoursGreys
Thu 24/05/20182:30pmFriendlyBloomfieldH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Fri 25/05/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueCastle CaryH3 Mixed FoursGreys
Sat 26/05/20182:30pmSomerset County League A TeamKnowle BA3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 26/05/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamPaultonH3 Mens FoursWhites
Tue 29/05/20182:30pmFriendlyAvon & Somerset PoliceH4 Mixed FoursWhites
Wed 30/05/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueWyrall ParkH4 Mens FoursGreys
Thu 31/05/20182:30pmFriendlyKnowleH3 Ladies FoursWhites
Fri 01/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueFosse WayA3 Mixed FoursGreys
Sun 03/06/20182:30pmFriendlyKeynshamA4 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 05/06/20182:30pmWild LeagueShepton MalletH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 06/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueShepton MalletH4 Mens FoursGreys
Fri 08/06/20186:30pmFriendlyWarminsterH4 Mixed FoursGreys
Sat 09/06/20181:00amSomerset County League A TeamPrattensA3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 09/06/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamNorwest BH3 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 10/06/20182:30pmFriendlyWiltonA4 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 12/06/20182:30pmWild LeaguePaultonH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 13/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueStreetH4 Mens FoursGreys
Thu 14/06/20182:30pmWild LeagueCastle CaryA3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Fri 15/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeaguePrattensA3 Mixed FoursGreys
Sun 17/06/201810:00amClub 2 Wood PairsInternalH5 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 19/06/20182:30pmFriendlyFosse WayH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 20/06/20182:30pmFriendlyBathA3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 20/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueCastle CaryA4 Mens FoursGreys
Fri 22/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueStreetA3 Mixed FoursGreys
Sat 23/06/20182:30pmFriendlyBloomfieldH4 Mens FoursWhites
Tue 26/06/20182:30pmWild LeagueWyrall ParkH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 27/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueCity of WellsH4 Mens FoursGreys
Fri 29/06/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueFrome SelwoodH3 Mixed FoursGreys
Sat 30/06/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamStothard & Pitt BH3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 30/06/20182:30pmSomerset County League A TeamWeston BathA3 Mens FoursWhites
Tue 03/07/20182:30pmWild LeagueStreetH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 04/07/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueWyrall ParkA4 Mens FoursGreys
Thu 05/07/20182:30pmFriendlySomertonA4 Mixed FoursWhites
Sat 07/07/20182:30pmFriendlyWeston BathA6 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 08/07/20182:30pmFriendlyTrowbridge TownH4 Mixed TriplesWhites
Wed 11/07/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueShepton MalletA4 Mens FoursGreys
Thu 12/07/20182:30pmWild LeagueFrome SelwoodH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Sat 14/07/20182:30pmSomerset County League A TeamFrome SelwoodA3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 14/07/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamAlexandra ParkH3 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 15/07/201810:00amClub Anniversary TriplesInternalH5 Mixed TriplesWhites
Tue 17/07/20182:30pmWild LeagueCastle CaryH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 18/07/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueStreetA4 Mens FoursGreys
Sat 21/07/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamFosse WayH3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 21/07/20182:30pmSomerset County League A TeamNorwest AA3 Mens FoursWhites
Sun 22/07/20182:30pmFriendlyGillinghamH4 Mixed FoursWhites
Tue 24/07/20182:30pmWild LeagueNorwestH3 Ladies TriplesWhites
Wed 25/07/20186:15pmMid Somerset LeagueCastle CaryH4 Mens FoursGreys
Fri 27/07/20186:15pmFriendlyWarminsterA4 Mixed FoursGreys
Sat 28/07/20182:30pmSomerset County League A TeamCity of WellsH3 Mens FoursWhites
Sat 28/07/20182:30pmSomerset County League B TeamKnowle CA3 Mens TriplesWhites
Sun 29/07/20182:30pmFriendlyPrattensA4 Mixed FoursWhites