2017 Finals Weekend Round-up

Sunday 24th September 2017 5:39pm | News

Frome Park's Finals weekend was held on the 16th and 17th September.

The Men's singles final between Colin Henning and Wayne Pitts was won by Colin Henning (21-20).

The Ladies singles final between Julie Hunt and Valerie Church was won by Valerie Church.

The Men's two wood final between John Curtis and Wayne Pitts was won by Wayne Pitts.

The mixed handicap final between Eddy Maidment and Richard Phillips was won by Eddy Maidment.

The Men's colts between Keith McLeod and Mike Newton was won by Keith McLeod.

The Ladies fledglings between Viv Lake and Helen Humphrey was won by Viv Lake.

More results to follow... 

Well done to all winners, some enthralling matches!